I am a Real Ghetto Youth on a mission to educate, empower, organize and mobilize all Ghetto Youths world wide. I believe that we the Ghetto Youths of today are the voice of this generation and i believe that we the Ghetto Youths have the power for true change in our community and society

                                                               ~ VOICE OF THE GHETTO YOUTHS WORLDWIDE ~

Rejected by Society but accepted by his Majesty and given Power and Authority to fight and help fix reality! I am Ghetto Youth and I represent all Ghetto Youths World Wide! Too long, Ghetto Youths have been victims of the system. Many Ghetto Youths around the world feel hopeless and powerless and don’t believe that they have the POWER to change and turn their lives around for the better. I was trapped in a Ghetto Prison like many of the Ghetto Youths today. I was trapped in a Ghetto Prison and i was a victim of the shistem like the rest. Then i empowered myself with the right knowledge and skills that helped me set myself free from the traps of the system. Today i am a Ghetto Youth Musician, writer, and a film maker. Besides my deep passion for Music, Film and Literature, i also have a great passion for the Internet, Computer and Technology. I believe information, Communication Technology (ICT) is the key to the future in this age of information. I fell in love with the internet as a Ghetto Bwoy growing up on this mean Ghetto Streets, i was amazed by the unimaginable flow of information on the internet that could be accessed freely, and over the years my love for the internet grew more and more stronger. Now, I have great knowledge and skills about the internet and i plan to share and empower Ghetto Youths with this knowledge and skills so that they can also break free from the system of ignorance in this age of Information. I have knowledge and skills in Web design and programming (CODING) and i’m on a mission to turn every Ghetto Youth into a Ghetto Youth Programmer (CODER). This knowledge and skill will empower Ghetto Youths in this Digital Age.

I say is a Ghetto Youth Revolution and i am a Ghetto Youth Jah SoulJah and a Militant Rasta in JAH Army and my only weapons are Music, Arts, Dance, Culture, Sports, Film, Internet, Knowledge and ICT. I believe that if the Ghetto Youths around the world are empowered with the right knowledge and skills they will rise up from Poverty to Power. I believe change must first come from us and we must be the change that we want to see, so everyday as i live, i try to live my life with a purpose and a mission! I want to be a different type of Ghetto Youth! I want to show the world that Yes, We The Ghetto Youths truly can rise up from poverty to power if we have the right knowledge and skills. I’ve started some organizations to help me in my quest to bring true change to all Ghetto Youths World Wide! I’ve started (GHETTO YOUTH ORGANIZATION) as the main organization mobilizing, organizing and uniting all Ghetto Youths world wide! This organization will create effective strategies that will bring together all Ghetto Youths from all around the universe. I’ve also started (GHETTO YOUTH MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT), (GHETTO YOUTH RECORDS), (GHETTO YOUTH FILMS) and (GHETTO YOUTH SOUNDS SYSTEM) as the arts and culture company to produce, promote, and market Ghetto Youth Music World Wide. Through this Art companies i plan to take the music of the Ghetto Youths from the Ghetto underground and promote it world wide. I believe Ghetto Youth Music is the future of world music. Through Ghetto Youth Music, the voice of all Ghetto Youths around the world would be heard.

I’ve also started (GHETTO YOUTH ARMY) as the Military Group of the (GHETTO YOUTH MOVEMENT) What is a Revolutionary Movement without some real SoulJahz? Ghetto Youth Army will organize the Ghetto Youth into (GHETTO YOUTH JAH SOULJAHZ) Yes, we are Ghetto Youth Jah SoulJahz on a mission for JAH and we cannot turn back! We The Ghetto Youth SoulJahz see Poverty, Injustice, corruption, and inequality as our enemies! I see myself as a Ghetto Youth JAH SoulJah in this times when things are going more wrong than right, I’m a Ghetto Youth Jah SoulJah on a mission to bring back true change into the world through the power of the Ghetto Youth! Believe in the POWER of the Ghetto Youths! Believe in the (GHETTO YOUTH POWER) for true change around the world! We the Ghetto Youths around the world have the power for true change! We are powerless today because there is a shitstem out there that wants to hold us down! Many Ghetto Youths around the world have become victims of this shistem! My mission is to set free all these Ghetto Youths from the Ghetto Prisons that they are trapped in today! Believe in POWER and in the future of the GHETTO YOUTH for true change! I’ve also started (GHETTO YOUTH UNIVERSITY) as a Ghettoversity where Ghetto Youths can go to empower themselves with knowledge and skills in the Arts, Music, Dance, ICT, and knowledge from all topics and subjects.. The Ghetto Youth University is all about Ghetto Youth Education. Through The Ghetto Youth University, Ghetto Youths will have the right knowledge and skills they need to set themselves free from the traps of the shistem! I’m just a GHETTO YOUTH on a Mission! CAN YOU SEE MY VISION?

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